Before Takeoff

Doors Latched
CAPS Handle Pin Removed
Seat Belts and Harnesses Secure
Fuel Quantity Confirm
Fuel Selector Fullest Tank
Fuel Pump On (Boost)
Mixture As Required
Flaps 50% and Check
Transponder Set
Autopilot Check
Navigation Radios / GPS Set
Cabin Heat / Defrost As Required
Brakes Hold
Power Lever 1700 RPM
Alternator Check
     - Pitot Heat On
     - Nav Lights On
     - Landing Light On
     - Annunciator Lights Check
     - Alt 1 / Alt 2 Caution Lights Out
     - Each Alternator Positive Amps
Voltage Check
Pitot Heat As Required
Navigation Lights As Required
Landing Light As Required
Magnetos / RPM (150 Drop / 75 Diff) Check
Engine Params Check
Power Lever 1000 RPM
Flight Instruments, HSI, and Altimeter Check and Set
Flight Controls Free and Correct
Trim Set TakeOff
Autopilot Disconnect


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